Friday, November 4, 2022

Jackie Mayer Opens Her Highway – Nov. 3, 1962

Yesterday's blog post highlighted newly crowned Miss America Jacqueline Mayer's return to her hometown of Sandusky. During that visit, she opened her namesake highway that we've all driven on so many times since then.

As the above story from the November 3, 1962 Journal notes, "Hundreds of Miss America fans jammed the area of the new Rt. 6 and 2 bypass Friday morning to get good views and "picture snapping" spots as Jackie Mayer, Miss America of 1963, was here to cut the ribbon on the new "Jackie Mayer Highway.

"Traveling with Miss America as she was whisked away to take the first ride on the Jackie Mayer highway were her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Mayer."

Here's the other photo of Jackie from the same edition of the Journal.

Speaking of the Journal, it did a good job juggling the various elements on that front page. It covered Jackie Mayer's highway ribbon-cutting, but did not let it overshadow the bigger story, namely the aftermath of the Cuban Missile Crisis, or the murder of a 77-year old man in Oberlin.


Anonymous said...

That murder of the 77 year old man is an active cold case.Fox8 news did a story on it last year and the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation's Cold Case Unit is assisting Oberlin Police about the unsolved murder.Several people were interviewed back in 1962 but nobody was arrested.There is a link on Fox8 about it.

Don Hilton said...

The Durham family was involved in more than one Oberlin murder.

As mentioned, above, Windom's case is still open.

You can cut and paste this link for information or to submit a tip:

Anonymous said...

Oberlin is a pretty dangerous place anyway.From this murder to the Oberlin College scandal against Gibson's Bakery,I don't think I'll be moving to Oberlin any time soon.

Don Hilton said...

Cheap shot.

I grew up in a peaceful, rural area where everyone looked the same.

Guess what?

There were murders, rapes, robbery, thievery, extortion, child abuse, spousal abuse, and every other thing every other place has.

If you don't see it where you live, you're either blind or not paying attention.