Wednesday, November 16, 2022

A Moo-ving Story of the Jerzee Moo Cow Creamer

Have you ever seen one of these cow-shaped containers, designed to hold milk or cream?

Sure you have, especially if you've ever done any antiquing. I first saw one in use in a Mom and Pop restaurant many years ago, but didn't know anything about the history of it. 

That's why I was happy to see this ad for Jerzee, which ran in the Lorain Journal on October 25, 1972 with the Jerzee Moo Creamer as a promotional item. 

So what was Jerzee anyway? 

The product is described in the ad as being made from fresh skimmed milk blended with (ugh) vegetable fat, with the result that it is "so rich it whips." So it was a milk or cream substitute.

Jerzee was manufactured by Defiance Milk Products in Defiance, Ohio, which explains why these creamers are so ubiquitous around here. You can read a comprehensive history of the company here. It's interesting that the firm's roots were in the brewery business, before expanding into an evaporated milk condensory.

The creamer was manufactured by Whirley Industries of Warren, Pennsylvania.

Anyway, there's a whole herd of these Moo Cow Creamers on eBay right now, so let's mooooove'em out!


Anonymous said...

I remember my mom using those cute little things when I was very young in the 70s at Perkin’s Pancake House on Route 57 (now George’s Restaurant). They also had those mini jukeboxes at every table where I think you could pick four songs for a quarter. I really loved those.

Dennis Thompson said...

Oil actually works OK in this application. The ever popular Cool Whip is an oil based product. However, back in my bachelor days I wanted to make a box of Kraft Mac N Cheese. I didn't have milk or butter/margarine for the recipe. So I made a small batch of ersatz milk using Cremora and added a teaspoon of oil for the butter.

I assure you you do not want to try this.

Don Hilton said...

Decapitated animal totems spewing liquids?
No. Thank you very much.

Laughing about the Kraft Mac N Cheese.

I tried it, once, with powdered milk and cooking oil.
Nope. Nope. Nope.

'Way better off eating plain pasta.