Friday, September 9, 2022

Polansky Market Article – Sept. 3, 1972

Polansky's Market on Dewey Road has been a regular topic on this blog over the years. That's because I enjoying shopping there from time to time (especially when the weather gets colder, and I need a piece of meat for my crock pot). The employees are super-friendly and helpful, and the prices are reasonable.

Various blog posts have covered a Thanksgiving ad (1947); the Dewey Road store when it was new (1955) with a 'Then and Now" view; a Christmas ad (1955); an ad for the new addition to the Dewey Road facility (1962) and an article about it; and an Easter ad (1964).

Above is the latest article, from the Sept. 3, 1972 Journal. The article by Staff Writer Jeff Kades is a nice profile of the store's owners at that time, Steve and Sophia Polansky. The article notes, "Both Steve and Sophia were born near Pittsburgh in neighboring Pennsylvania counties. Ironically, they were both brought to Ohio and the Lorain area by their parents when they were children, yet never met each other until years later."

The article provides a behind-the-scenes look at the butcher business. "Steve buys livestock from a Wayne County farm – about 25 to 30 head per week, then slaughters, processes, and sells the meat over-the-counter at his market," wrote Jeff Kades.


Anonymous said...

25-30 cattle per week?That is alot for a small outfit.The heard would start to thin out pretty fast.I guess that's why the famous "pink slime" was invented that most of the fast food joints use for their meat nowadays.

Anonymous said...

If my 12-year-old had come to me and told me his wish was to own a meat packing house I think I’d watch him pretty closely for a while.

Just sayin’.

Dennis Thompson said...

I remember one of the Polanski kids bringing cow eyes in to dissect in biology class.