Friday, December 14, 2012

December 1955 Steve Polansky Ad

Here's a vintage ad for a well-known local company that's still around in 2012 – which makes me happy, since I go there once in a while. This Steve Polansky ad ran in the Lorain Journal on December 24, 1955.

Those kids in the ad look pretty happy. The boy is giving that long-hatted Santa a simpering gaze that can only mean one thing: Santa brought him gift boxes full of his favorite Steve Polansky meats!

I really like going to Steve Polansky's meat market out there on Dewey Road. It's a nice little drive into the country. And besides the nostalgia factor of going to an old style butcher shop, there's the simple fact that everything looks so good – and is good. Plus, the staff is friendly, and they really hustle to take care of you.

Besides going in there for beef short ribs every so often, I've bought their bacon and tasty bulk sausage (which we used in our Thanksgiving stuffing for the second year in a row). I've also enjoyed their homemade chicken paprikas, and I get my local honey there too.

Anyway, on a blog that celebrates so many things that aren't around anymore, it's nice once in a while to mention a business that still is.


-Alan D Hopewell said...

I remember when Polanski's did their own slaughtering, and how good the meat was. For years, we bought their products at Fligner's, and from the Daniels brothers, who sold meats, fruits, and vegetables from pickup trucks.

Anonymous said...

Worked for many years with Mike out at the steel plant. Great folks, great family and employees. We get our pork there, especially when we crock pot .
Funny Dan, for you it is a drive to the country while for us it is a drive in from the country.

Anonymous said...

Were those same guys around in the 90s? Bought vegetables from a guy in a truck that was very old when I was a young mom. Also, total coincidence that I’m reading this exactly 10 years later! Ha ha