Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Pueblo Ad – December 1956

Here's another holiday-themed 'preview' of coming attractions on this blog. The ad at left for El Pueblo ran in the Lorain Journal around Christmas in 1956.

Like Kline's, the Pueblo is another long-postponed topic on this blog which I will get to early in the new year – I promise.

The restaurant, which opened in May 1928, was a Lorain landmark out on Lake Road near the undercut west of town for decades. It went through several name changes and ended its "life" as the Gypsy Fiddle Inn in a spectacular blaze.

I first heard of the Pueblo from my parents, and the idea of an elegant restaurant with a Spanish motif on the western approach to the city fascinated me. Researching it, however, took years. (I did it the hard way, looking at newspaper microfilm at the library for months until my eyeballs almost fell out.)

I've filled two file folders with newspaper clippings, ads, a few photos and other goodies – and will boil it all down and present it here soon.

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