Thursday, December 27, 2012

Driscol Music Ad - December 31, 1955

Here's a 1955 New Year's Eve ad for an iconic Lorain company that happily is still around in the 2000's: Driscol Music Company on Broadway. Back in 1955, the company was at 1000 Broadway instead of its current 445 Broadway Avenue address.

According to their company website, Driscol Music Company has been around since 1941.

If you were a band or orchestra student in the Lorain City Schools like me, then you probably were in Driscol's at some point or another through the years – to rent an instrument, or perhaps to buy some music (maybe a Belwin Band Builder). Even as an adult, I used to go in there every couple of years to buy slide oil for my trombone.

It's good to see a company that has managed to survive the ups and downs of Downtown Lorain!

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