Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving at the Castle – 1954

Eating Thanksgiving dinner out at a fine restaurant is not a new concept. Back in 1954, many Lorainites undoubtedly enjoyed their holiday meal that day at the Castle.

Photo circa 1953
(The Castle has been featured on this blog many times, including as the subject of a three-part history (here, here and here), a 1952 Sixth Anniversary ad, a 1958 Halloween ad, a 1967 ad, and a 1975 Bill Scrivo article.)

And what sort of sumptuous fare did the iconic Lorain restaurant serve on that Thanksgiving 60 years ago today?

According to the above ad, which ran in the Lorain Journal on November 24, 1954, it was quite a feast. For appetizers: oysters on the half shell, fresh jumbo shrimp cocktail, tangbrosia fruit cup and a choice of chicken noodle soup or tomato juice. After a salad (with roquefort dressing) was the main course: roast young tom turkey (with Theresa's Special Dressing), cranberry sauce, whipped hubbard squash, candied yams and a choice of buttered green peas or whipped potatoes. Finally, for dessert, patrons enjoyed country fresh apple cider, fresh pumpkin pie (with apple butter and whipped cream), hot mince pie (with brandy sauce) followed by Pierre's French Ice Cream or Sherbet.

Oh, I almost forgot the after-dinner mints.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too.

Bob Kovach said...

Just about another year of your wonderful blog gone by so I wanted to thank you for sharing all of the fruits of your labor and dedication. Your blog is very important to me as I'm sure it is to everyone else who visits.
Thank you very much and Happy Thanksgiving!

Dan Brady said...

Thank you both for the Thanksgiving wishes! Hope your holidays were great!
And thanks Bob for the very kind words about the blog! I really appreciate it!