Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Probst Corners Ad – November 27, 1954

From Isaly's, we turn our attention to another ice cream shoppe, this time a locally owned one: Probst's.

Here's a nutty ad (above) for Probst Corners featuring a cute squirrel illustration that ran in the Lorain Journal on November 27, 1954.

A confectionery store run by Herman and Violet Probst first appeared in the Lorain City Directory in the mid-1940s or so. It was located at 226 8th Street (below).

226 Eighth Street today
A second Probst location was opened in the new O'Neil - Sheffield Center (below).

Photo courtesy of the Lorain County Historical Society
The Probst listings seemed to disappear from the city directories in the late 1950s.

The Eighth Street location was briefly taken over by a deli called Handy Pantry. Then, in late October 1959 the location became the well-known home of DeLuca Bakery.

I'm not sure if the Probst stores are well-remembered by Lorainites or not. If you have a memory of the stores, be sure to leave a comment!


Bob Kovach said...

That looks like the Talking Christmas Tree back there.

Former Lorainite said...

I remember Probst. It seems to me that they used to have a ice cream cone they called a Mr. BIG, very similar to todays drumsticks. I also remember how the Lake Flies used to congregate on the sidewalk in front of the place during certain times of the year.

gypsymuse said...

remember them no....was born after that but in a home that throws nothing out...cleaning the kitchen.....I just found and aluminum ice cream spade/scoop with PROBST ICE CREAM impressed on the handle

Thomas Probst said...

I remember. :) Herman and Violet were my grandparents. My father ran the store in the O'Neil - Sheffield Center. The store next door caught on fire and the smoke basically destroyed the ice cream store. I still use one of their Probst Ice Cream scoop with a bottle opener on the other end.

Used to like to get the vanilla / chocolate swirl ice cream cone.