Friday, November 21, 2014

Monroe House Move – November 1960

Houses that were moved from one location to another have been a favorite topic on this blog for some time now. Here's another one – this time from Oberlin (although it would probably be more at home on the Oberlin In The Past Facebook page). 

The article below is from the November 23, 1960 Lorain Journal and it tells the story of the "Old Monroe House" located in Oberlin, Ohio. (Click on it for a readable version.) The historic Italian Villa-type Century home was moved about 300 feet to make way for what was then the new Conservatory of Music. The house was the former home of James Monroe, who had quite a career in politics, as well as being a member of the Oberlin College faculty.

Today, the Monroe House is totally restored and part of the Oberlin Heritage Center and is open for tours. Click here for more information.


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