Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving Ads – November 1954

Here are a couple 1954 Thanksgiving ads that feature a realistically drawn turkey.

The first ad – for Ande's – appeared in the Lorain Journal on November 22, 1954. As the ad noted, Ande's was located at the O'Neil – Sheffield Center, and at the time was Lorain County's only drive-in beverage store.

The second ad is for Avon Lake Food Center, located at Stop 65 in the Avon Lake Shopping Center. The ad ran in the Lorain Journal on the same day as the first ad, and features the very same great turkey art.
But let's talk turkey about that turkey. Despite the turkey's perky expression, he's fairly ugly, with wattles and a snood.

What's that? You don't know what those things are? Better head over to this website so you can see photos of the (ugh) real thing and read an informative explanation.

Just don't let it spoil your appetite for the big day tomorrow.

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