Friday, November 7, 2014

Findley Lake in Fall

Like I mentioned yesterday, a few weeks ago I headed down to to Findley State Park to see how the fall colors were coming along by the lake. Although it was a week or so past peak colors, I still grabbed a few shots of one of my favorite places in Lorain County.

I wrote about the creation of Findley Lake back here.

Anyway, here are my late afternoon lake shots.

I pretty much had the place all to myself except for a fishermen or two. Too bad I didn't bring a pic-a-nic lunch!


Anonymous said...

And these photos are real nice, it's beautiful there for such an empty place.

dbhewitt63 said...

Is there still a beach there? My friends and I would go there often in the late 70's to swim and try to meet girls. Even rented a canoe one day. Quite the hangout in the summer! Thanks!

JIM said...

We used to camp there all the time in the 70s. So many great memories. Wish we could go back to those times.

Drew Penfield said...

There is still a beach and canoe rentals there. I used to bike the trails all the time, one of my favorite places when I lived in Ohio. Last summer I rode the new bike trail during a visit and it was awesome.