Monday, November 3, 2014

Cedar Point Demolishes the 1905 Auto Entrance to the Hotel Breakers

Cedar Point was in the news again last week, doing what it does best – that is, demolishing its past to make way for something bigger and better.

In this case, the thing being demolished was the auto entrance to the Hotel Breakers (shown above in a vintage postcard). It had been built in 1905 and was the first thing that hotel guests saw when they arrived by auto and entered the hotel.

The auto entrance met with the wrecking crew last Wednesday. It will be replaced with a more grand entrance – what else?

Here's another view of it from a vintage brochure in my collection (below).

And here's a few photos (below) of the demolition from their respective newspaper websites, along with a more detailed account of the story.

First, here's the photo from the Sandusky Register (click here for their story and some sad video).

Courtesy Sandusky Register
Next is a photo from the Toledo Blade (click here for their story).

Courtesy Toledo Blade
Lastly, here is a link to the Cedar Point website with a sneak preview of what the new entrance will look like. It's actually going to be quite nice.

But sadly, one more piece of the "old" Cedar Point bites the dust.

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Anonymous said...

Progress is not always a good thing. Sometimes you have to preserve the heritage. What's next? Tearing down the Blue Streak? I surely hope not. My all time favorite Ride.