Thursday, November 13, 2014

Page-ettes Indian Pudding Ad – November 15, 1954

Well, it's National Indian Pudding Day, so I thought I'd better post this ad for Page-ettes, which ran in the Lorain Journal on November 15, 1954.

What, you weren't aware that November 13th was that particular holiday? Well – neither was I, until I did some research for this post.

It turns out Indian Pudding is a classic New England dish made of cornmeal, milk and molasses, dating back to colonial times. It's not very well known outside of New England, where it's still very popular. It's served warm, and with ice cream – which automatically makes it sound good to me. (I love stuff with cornmeal in it anyway!)

Speaking of ice cream, that's what's being promoted in the Page-ettes ad (in case you didn't know). Page-ettes were individual mini-cartons of Page ice cream – in this case, Indian Pudding flavored ice cream. But I suspect that Page-ettes didn't stand much of a chance in these parts, with all of the excellent local dairies cranking out their own ice cream.

I like the attractive artwork in the ad. It sure reminds me of Dick Dugan's style.

Anyway, if you've got the urge to whip up some of this New England concoction, here's a link to an interesting article about it, complete with several recipes.

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