Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween at the Castle-on-the-Lake 1958

Here's an October 23, 1958 newspaper ad for the Castle-on-the-Lake and its Halloween Masquerade Dance.

Earlier this year (right here) I had a short series of blogs on the Castle-on-the-Lake. I had tried to find a listing of the building in the Lorain City Directory before it became a restaurant, but since it was outside the city limits for many years, the address wasn't included in the early books.

The ad is kind of quaint, promoting the restaurant as a 'supper club'.

The band mentioned in the ad, Gene Krugman and the Dukes, was a popular local band led by Eugene E. Krugman. Mr. Krugman had a nice career, having played with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, the Charlie Barnet Orchestra and the Sammy Kaye Orchestra, as well as the well-known local favorite Jimmy Dulio Orchestra. Here's a link to Mr. Krugman's obituary.

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