Monday, July 23, 2012

Lakeland Lodges Motel & Cottages

I love driving west out of Lorain along U.S. Route 6, mainly because it's a trip back in time if you're an old road enthusiast. Various small cottages and Mom-and-Pop motels dot the lakefront side of the road between Vermilion to Sandusky. No big motel chains here, and that's the way it should be.

About a year ago I mentioned Mari-Dor Beach lakefront cottages on this blog. Another one of those Mom-and-Pop places is Lakeland Lodges, located just 1.5 miles west of Vermilion. I've always admired their classic nautical sign (shown above) and I'm glad that they haven't modernized the sign or, in fact, their name. A garish, modern sign would spoil the whole effect.

Their website features photos of their sandy beach, as well as their cute cottages, which are available in two sizes, one for 1-2 persons and a larger size that will accommodate a maximum of 5 people. There are also motel units.

I emailed the owners for a brochure last year and received one in the mail promptly with a handwritten note. Since I live in Sheffield Lake (a former cottage community itself) I'm not planning a stay at Lakeland Lodges anytime soon, but it looks like a great place for some rest and relaxation.

Here's an aerial view of the property. As their sign says, it's "the place with the beach" and it looks like a good one.

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