Monday, August 1, 2011

Mari-Dor Beach Cottages

Here's a postcard of the Mari-Dor Beach lakefront cottages out on West Lake Road (US 6) in Vermilion Township. The Morning Journal ran a really nice story on Sunday (here) of the 150th anniversary of the place.

According to the fourth-generation family operator, the rental cottage community was named by his grandfather  for his daughters, Marion and Doris. Mari-Dor Beach has been run by the same family since 1861.

The business has a Facebook page (with plenty of photos), as well as a nice website.

The cottages are rented by the week and have no cable TV, no telephones and no internet! (It sounds to me like a great place for a vacation, but I'm not sure if my wife would agree!)

(By the way, I tried to get a 'then and now' photo of the place a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, the view above is not from US 6; I'm pretty sure it is looking west, with Lake Erie to the right of the picture.)

So congratulations to Mari-Dor, and I hope the family continues to hang in there for their customers for many more years. It sure is nice to see that sort of commitment by both the business and their cottage renters in this day and age.


Julie Norris said...

This place place looks so cute!

Dan Brady said...

I agree, Julie! It makes me want to stay there--although I ran it by the spouse and she said, "For a couple of days--but not a WEEK!"