Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hills Department Store Ad Art 1966 & 67

Here's a few renderings of the Hills Department Stores that were featured in 1960s Grand Opening promotional newspaper ads that appeared in the Lorain Journal. The one at the top is from October 1966 and the lower one is from a year later.

The Hills store on Route 57 out in South Lorain was more like the 1966 version with the huge logo on the building. As a graphic designer, I still like the simplicity and style of that logo.

By the way, one of my early 1960s memories was of getting in the car because the family was heading out to "Hills" – and then upon arriving, being disappointed that "Hills" was a store and not a travel destination.

I guess I was kind of dumb!


Randall Chet said...

Only a kid growing up in the flatlands of Northern Ohio can appreciate getting excited about going to the "Hills". I remember our trips to my cousin's in southern Ohio because of hills! Oh - I liked going to Hills the dept store too!

Unknown said...

Randell ... that's not true. I grew up in York County, PA & a trip to Hills was THE BEST DAY EVER when that was happenin'! :-) Hills 4Ever

Jay said...

Any idea when the Hills on 57 closed? And why?

Dan Brady said...

It closed at the end of July 1982. There’s a closing ad at the bottom of this post:

It looks like that the company was phasing out old stores (like Lorain) in favor of the newer, larger stores (like Amherst and Elyria).