Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lake Erie Oil – Then & Now

Here's a photo (above) that may bring back some memories of traveling down Route 254 in the 1950s and 60s.

It was part of a full-page ad for the Lake Erie Oil Company that ran in the Lorain Journal on June 21, 1955. The photo shows the company's complex that was located at Route 254 and Pearl Road, consisting of the Fleet-Wing Bulk plant, and warehouse/office.

Remember when that area looked like that?

According to the ad, there were 16 Fleet-Wing gas stations around Lorain County. By 1959, the brand of gasoline produced by the company had changed from Fleet-Wing to Sinclair (which I had explained back here on this blog).

Besides the gasoline, the Lake Erie Oil Company also provided fuel oil for heating purposes for domestic and commercial accounts.

According to the city directories, it looks as though Lake Erie Oil was at that location until around 1972, when its address was listed as "vacant."

Here's the "today" shot of the same property.

Another photo (below) from the ad shows a close-up of the office building. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if it was previously an old train depot, considering its proximity to the tracks.

I believe the office building is still in use today (below) – although it has been extensively renovated. It sure looks like the same building to me, especially since the doors are still raised above ground level.


jack said...

I cant believe how narrow 254 looks I wonder if this was served by the railroad in the backdrop

Wireless.Phil said...

I thunk I remember the tanks went from vertical to horizontal and were smaller.
Then it just disappeared all to together.