Monday, July 30, 2012

Alpine Village Inn

4375 Oberlin Avenue today
Another restaurant listed on that vintage Lorain brochure from last week was the Alpine Village Inn. Its address was 4375 Oberlin Avenue, which puts it down there on the southern stretch of that road.

It first showed up in the 1960 city directory, but it didn't seem to last very long, which is too bad.

By 1963 – and until around 1970 – it was the Tic-Toc Lounge. After that, it enjoyed a long spell as Bodnar's House (or Bodnar's Bar) from 1972 on.

Around 1980, another firm shared the same address with Bodnar's: Your Bedroom. A variety of firms came and went during the 1980s including Norbert Wagner Photography (1985).

By the early 1990s, the Bodnar's listing disappeared and other companies appeared at that address. North Coast Bedding had the address to itself in 1993, and Family Rec Center (which sold billiard equipment) in 2003. (There were others too judging by the variety of signs in the last few years.)

Today the property is for sale. The real estate listing says the building was built in 1960, so I guess it's the same building after all these years.

If anyone has an memories of the Alpine Village Inn or Bodnar's, be sure to leave a comment!


Anonymous said...

My husband thinks Bodnars is where Uncle Vic got his start

Anonymous said...

Bodnar's was run by Barbara Bodnar who sadly passed away in the 90's. Spent many a nights hanging there in the late 80's.