Thursday, July 12, 2012

First Lawson's in Lorain – June 5, 1959

Back on July 4th, I posted an old Lawson's newspaper ad dating back from 1962. Well, here's an even earlier one announcing that chain's first Lorain store.

It's surprising to me that the first Lorain store was located in the Westgate Shopping Center. I sort of assumed that Lawson's had always built their own stores, especially since you see dozens of the former outlets all over the place in Lorain County. Even my doctor's office is located in a former Lawson's store!

The ad above has a nice little message from J.J. Lawson, the founder of the chain. The ad also reminds me of why the chain was so great: it was centered around quality Lawson's dairy products and other branded items stocked for convenience.

I like the little illustration showing the well-stocked, spacious store with friendly workers and happy customers. I sure wish that scenario still existed today. I find it depressing – and dangerous – to go into just about any convenience store in Cleveland these days.


-Alan D Hopewell said...

When we lived in the projects, that Lawson's was where we bought the best lunch meats, cheeses, dairy products, etc.

I'm with you-we definitely lost something when Lawson's left.

Jerry A. McCoy said...


About where in the shopping center was Lawson's located? I have no memory of it being there.

Anonymous said...

As I recall Lawsons was toward the west end of the strip. Fisher Foods was on the west end, then I think a barbershop and then Lawsons. Maybe one other business....can't remember for sure.

Dan Brady said...

I checked the City Directories tonight to see where Lawson's was located in the Westgate Shopping Center (I should have done this in the first place). Here is the order of the businesses in the 1960 book, going from east to west. ("Anonymous" has a pretty good memory.)

Hough Bakeries
Marshall Drug
Red Robin Store
Nobil Shoe Company
W T Grant
Garfinkels Shoes
Glidden Paint Center
Lawson Milk Company
Repas Westgate Barber Shop
Smith's Laundromat
D O Summers
Fisher Foods

By the way, Lawson's was gone by 1968, replaced in that space by Jiffy Dry Cleaners.

Jeremy R said...

Dan, you must be referring to the old Lawson's building on the corner of Cooper Foster and N. Main in Amherst. In Sheffield Lake, there is a recycled Lawson's sign in front of another building on Lake Rd. just east of Abbe Rd. but it doesn't appear to be in front of the old Lawson's building about 100 feet east of the sign.

Unknown said...

Yes, Weatgate shopping center
It was about in the middle of the shopping center and Pic n pay was on the north side. I worked there while the steel plant was out on strike. Managers first name was Jim.cant remember last name.