Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More Visions of Cedar Point 1966 Part 1

Summer always brings thoughts of Cedar Point, and last year almost about this time (starting here) I posted some images I scanned from a 1966 brochure of the park. Well, I went back and looked at the brochure and found a few more images that I hadn't included the first time. Here are a few of them. (Click on them for a larger view.)

Whenever my wife and I do make it to Cedar Point (which is not very often) I always try to hit the old favorites that symbolize the park of my youth. The sky ride is one of them and I hope they never get rid of it. Here's another view.

I still remember how creepy it was when the sky ride car noisily reached the top of each pole!

Jungle Larry's Safari Island was another high point of the day for my siblings and I, due to his appearances on local TV shows such as Captain Penny. (Over on Alan Hopewell's blog about growing up in Lorain called Pointing the Cannon, he also waxed nostalgic about seeing the mighty hunter on the congenial Captain's show at this post.)

Eating at Cedar Point used to always follow the same template when I was a kid. We usually brought a picnic lunch, which we stashed at a pavilion upon entering the park, and dinner would be at the Silver Dollar with its tinkly piano. I think I mentioned in last year's blog that the last time I was at Cedar Point, I noticed that the Silver Dollar had become a sports bar.

I'm pretty sure that we never ate at this place.

It kind of looks like a mini Red Barn restaurant!


-Alan D Hopewell said...

We went Cedar Point twice that year; in addition to Jungle Larry's exhibit, Sealand opened that year.

Dan Brady said...

Twice?!? That's pretty good. We never went more than once a year and some years we didn't make it at all, if we were camping a lot.

I really enjoyed Jungle Larry's as a kid but I was never a big fan of Sealand--or Sea World of Aurora or ANY place with a show featuring our finny friends. I tell my wife that if I'm going to look at a fish, he better be between two slices of bread (with a little tartar sauce)!