Wednesday, July 14, 2010

More Visions of Cedar Point 1966 Part 2

Here are a few more images from that battered Cedar Point brochure from 1966.

I wish Cedar Point still had this interactive element to their period rides. It must not have lasted too long, because I remember the animated figures more (such as the trapper, warning you about the Indians).

The train is another ride that as an adult, I make sure we don't miss. Here's another shot from the brochure. (It's a little out of register; I've worked at a printing company for 25 years so I guess I'm qualified to say that!)

Apparently the train still goes through Boneville, according to this flickr collection and this Yahoo video!

As I mentioned last year, I have vivid memories of hanging out over by the Fascination and other games area right before my family would call it a day at the park. Maybe it was because there were a lot of benches nearby for us to rest on, or perhaps because it was near many of the goodies such as salt water taffy and cotton candy that we would get right before exiting. Or it could be that we were heading over to the Space Spiral one last time to check out the park at night. But no matter why, seeing these arcade buildings lit up really make me nostalgic and think of the end of a great day at Cedar Point.

Looking at these pictures makes me want to go to Cedar Point this year. Now, however, I would be happy just to go as part of a 'geezer package' where you just go after dinner for the evening. I don't think I can handle a whole sun-burned day there anymore!

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