Friday, July 16, 2010

Cedar Point Postcards

To keep this Cedar Point theme going a little longer, I paid a visit to Ebay and collected a few more images – all postcards currently for sale.

I was pretty bummed when Cedar Point got rid of the Pirate Ride. Sure it was kinda corny. (Remember the looped recording of the gravel-voiced pirate exclaiming "All Hands on Deck!" that you had to listen to ad nauseum while you waited in line?) But it was a really memorable little ride (air conditioned too) with great graphics and even a little humor (the guy getting hung, the rats deserting the ship, etc.). I wonder where it is now?

This card depicts the Frontier Lift, the Sky Ride extension that took you over to the park's Frontier Trail area. I really liked the Frontier Lift and couldn't believe it when it disappeared. I guess the park management didn't see the point of having guests look down and see treetops, storage sheds and dumpsters from above.

Here's a few views of the beach. I'll have to rely on my sibling's memories, but I don't think we ever went to the beach at Cedar Point. I'm sure we walked over there and looked around a bit, but we came to the park for the rides, not to play at the beach. (Besides, we could do that at Lakeview Park anytime we wanted to, and... wait a minute. Back then (in the 1960's) Lakeview Park in Lorain only had a tiny, rock-and-jagged-stone-filled beach!)

This postcard with fountain was labeled "the Fabulous Funway". It looks like part of the kiddie land rides area to me. Anyone know for sure?

I remember these Cedar Point gift shops well. One year, I happened to find a dollar on the sidewalk right outside one of them. Of course I did what any other 8 or 9 year-old red-blooded American consumer would do with a buck: I spent it! If I remember correctly, I bought a wooden totem pole (made in Japan) with it! Don't ask me why. I had that thing for years!


-Alan D Hopewell said...

My favorite things to buy at Cedar Point were those real long french fries, and the double-headed ice cream cones.

Ken said...

Your finding that dollar is one of those crystal clear memories of my youth. I also remember how Ed and I focused on the ground after that, because of course there must have been more. Also I think the Funway was just the name for the main throughway as you come in.