Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Visions of Cedar Point 1966 Part 1

Well, it's summer at last - so it's time to think about going to Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio!
   I found an old 1966 Cedar Point brochure in a local antique shop, and while thumbing through it, I was immediately transported back to the Cedar Point of my youth.
   Unlike the Cedar Point of today, with its focus on youth-oriented thrills and excitement, the park of old concentrated on wholesome entertainment for the whole family – even parents! It was sort of a Midwest Disneyland.
   The Cedar Point of 1966 was packed with atmosphere. There was Jungle Larry's Safari Island, the Pirate Ride, the Earthquake Ride, the Cedar Point and Lake Erie Railroad, and the Western Cruise Boat. Other rides included the Mill Race, the Mono Rail, the futuristic-sounding Super Satellite Jets, the Calypso and of course the relatively new Space Spiral.
   Stop back here tomorrow for some great photos from the brochure of some of these attractions!

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