Friday, July 13, 2012

Sheffield Lake Community Days 1972

Just in time for Sheffield Lake's 2012 Community Days, here's a newspaper ad promoting the same celebration back in 1972 – 40 years ago.

Graphic design-wise, the ad is a bit of a snoozer – but the creepy clown illustration and bizarre FUN! FUN, FUN! HO HO caption makes it a little amusing. Plus, the ad includes a listing of most of Sheffield Lake's businesses at that time so it has a little historical value.

Forty years later, several of those Sheffield Lake businesses are happily still around: Amber Oaks, Brownie's Market, and Risko's. Lake Shore Inn is now Dock's Tavern, and Ohio Canoe Adventures Inc. in Sheffield Village is now known as The Backpackers Shop.

Others listed above are gone, such as the Brunswick Shoreway Lanes, as well as Ilg T.V. (until earlier this year the home of an internet cafe).

Anyway, see you at Sheffield Lake Community Days!

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Wireless.Phil said...

I remember community days as a kid, we moved from Lorain to Sheffield Lake around 1959, by the mid to late 60s we would walk up there as kids in our eary teens, mainl to look at the girls. I know we never rode any of the rides, but I do remember that they once had a trailer there years earlier that had what was claimed to be a petrified man, we did go see that. A few years ago I looked into it and it was a big hoax.