Thursday, October 4, 2012

Port Mills Airport Aerial View

Here's yet another 1920s aerial view of what is now much of the west side of Lorain. The photo is from the cover of a promotional brochure for Port Mills – the airport that used to be on the east side of Leavitt Road that was dedicated in 1929. (Many people only remember the one on the west side.)

It's hard to think of this area as being an airport on the outskirts of town. And it's mind-blowing to look at the photo and realize how many homes are crowded onto the airport property and the adjoining farmland to the east today.

The intersection shown in the lower portion of the photo is Meister Road and Leavitt Road. In the lower right hand corner, tree-lined Martin's Run snakes its way along near where East Skyline Drive would be built decades later.

By the way, that's the former Horner house off in the distance (below). Across Oberlin Avenue from it you can see the stadium.

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I believe the diagonal line through the farm maybe the Elyria Water Works pipeline.