Monday, October 15, 2012

Goodbye, Whittier

The Morning Journal reported this week (here) that the demolition of the former Whittier Middle School building was going to take place soon. So, of course, I had to go over and check out the demolition site and take some pictures.

Photo courtesy of The History of Lorain City Schools
Although Masson, my junior high Alma Mater – back when Lorain had junior highs – played Whittier (along with Hawthorne, Irving and Longfellow) in sports, I had no idea where it was. I was surprised to find it tucked away where it was, so close to Oakwood Park.

According to my copy of The History of Lorain City Schools, Whittier was completed in 1922 and was constructed on the site of the former Moxham Mansion.

It's kind of sad seeing the building stripped down and ready to be torn down. Even in its current end-of-the-line state, you can see that the building had character, and a lot of craftsmanship went into its construction.


Jerry A. McCoy said...

I knew about this impending demolition and INFURIATES me! Governments (be it Lorain or my own Montgomery County, Maryland) are completely ignorant when it comes to the merits of historic preservation. You hit the nail on the head..."Craftsmanship." This building was constructed to last. Nothing that will ever be built on this site will have quality of construction or character that this building possesses. It is also wasteful. "The greenest building is the one that is already built."

Lisa said...

Tomorrow is the big day, Dan. According to the article in the paper, the notice the demo company sent to the neighbors said they'd start Wednesday and be working 7a-7p. It's too bad nobody was interested in buying it. Charter schools are the only reason that the Fairhome and Irving buildings still stand.

Anonymous said...

John Kovacs wrote:

I grew up in South Lorain and went to Lowell Elementary, Whittier Junior High, and Southview High School. My father and uncle also went to Whittier. From what I understand whenever a new school goes up in Lorain an old one must come down, and since the new Whittier (now called Southview Middle School) has been finished the old one had been slated to be demolished. This also means that once the new Lorain High School is completed, the old Southview High School will be demolished. For those who are interested, I have pictures of Whittier from an open house in 2010 on my Facebook page.

Bill Morrison said...

I went to Lowell Elementary School in 1959-59.
Since it was on 31st St., the Middle School (what we called Jr. High at the time)for two years...1961-62. I use to go to the store across the street at lunch time.
After Whittier I went to the then new Admiral King High School.
Lowell and Whittier bring back a tremendous amount of memories.
Living on Homewood Drive at the time I could walk to each school.