Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fire Prevention Week 1959

It's Fire Prevention Week, and I almost forgot I had this October 3, 1959 ad that ran in the Lorain Journal. It's one of those full-page ads that spotlighted a lot of local businesses (in this case a lot of insurance companies). Give it a click so you can read it.

If you look closely, it also features our old pal Sparky the Fire Dog in a small cameo. Remember those free comic books we used to get in elementary school in the 1960s featuring the fire-fighting Dalmatian?

He even starred in his own Elf book. Check out the kid with the Jughead-style hat!

There were even Sparky toys.

I guess it's only fitting to have Sparky make an appearance here on the blog, since fellow fire prevention mascot Smokey Bear appeared in a post back here.

Anyway, Sparky's fire prevention message is timeless, and I'm glad that he's still around in 2012. But I guess he's adopted Smokey's realistic, in-your-face style, though! (See recent ad below).

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