Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Oberlin Avenue Farmhouses Part 2

A little bit to the south of the former Horner house is the second vintage farmhouse visible in the 1924 aerial photo that I posted yesterday. Its address is 2782 Oberlin Avenue. (Both are circled above so you can see how much has sprung up since the 1920s in-between the two former neighboring farms.)

It's still a fine looking house with a lot of old-time character. Here's the view from last weekend.

I've never noticed this house before while zipping along Oberlin Avenue, probably because there are so many homes on either side of it. But fortunately it has that distinctive roof-line that made it easy to pick out on the 1924 aerial photo (below).

I suspect that the farm was eventually divided up among family members. In the 1945 city directory, the farmhouse at 2782 Oberlin Avenue was listed as being owned by Andrew Klein, but by the 1950 directory, it was joined by the two homes immediately north of it. The barn-like home at 2780 Oberlin Avenue (the middle house in the photo below) was listed as being owned by Geo Klein, and to the right of it at 2606 Oberlin Avenue was a home owned by John Klein.

The houses today (courtesy Bing Maps)

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Anonymous said...

My great grandfather was Andrew Klein. Your assumption is correct. They divided the farm and my grandfather was George Klein who lived at 2780. Andrew worked for American Shipbuilding and came to America from Velky Folkmar Slovakia (then Austria-Hungry) in 1912.