Friday, January 26, 2018

Sheffield Lake Needs a New Village Building – Jan. 1941

1896 Lorain County Atlas Map showing the school on Lake Road
near Abbe Road that would become Sheffield Lake’s first city hall 
Back in 1941, Sheffield Lake was officially a little more than twenty years old, and its village hall was an old brick schoolhouse dating back to the 1870s. But a new building would eventually be needed, as the village was rapidly growing.

Read all about it in the article below, which appeared in the Lorain Journal on January 28, 1941.

It would take a while before Sheffield Lake actually replaced its original city hall/civic center.
In 1957, sixteen years after the events described in the 1941 article, Sheffield Lake officials were completing an addition to the building (which I wrote about here). 
Here’s what the building looked like then (below).
Finally – ten years later in May 1967 – Sheffield Lake Council passed an ordinance authorizing Mayor Earl E. Barnhart to sell the city hall property to Albert Caiata, a local building developer, for $20,000. According to an article in the Journal on May 10, 1967, “Caiata has bought up six acres around the city property where he and his business partners plan to build a 154-unit high-rise apartment complex. The apartment will be constructed at a reported $2.8 million.”
“The city is presently working on plans to construct a new city hall. According to the master plan of the city, the new building is to be located on the fire station property on Harris Road (which I wrote about here.)

The new Sheffield Lake City Hall complex was eventually dedicated on June 13, 1970.
Lakeside 10 Apartments was under construction by 1970 and first showed up in the city directory in 1971. It later became Erie Shore Landing; in early 2016 it became The Perch on Lake.

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We used to call Lake Side 10, "Cliff Dwellers" lol Rae