Wednesday, January 31, 2018

McDonald's Coming to Elyria Township – Jan. 1968

To close out the month, here's a nice little clipping from the January 1, 1968 Lorain Journal that provides a preview of what the new McDonald's in Elyria Township was going to look like.

It's really too bad McDonald's abandoned their iconic Golden Arches as an architectural motif. They were bold, distinctive and fun. They made eating at a McDonald's a festive and memorable occasion.

Here’s a detail from an advertisement promoting the newly remodeled stores with their mansard roofs. I wonder if those structural elements on the roof were supposed to look like french fries?

Anyway, the Elyria Township store has been home for some time now to the popular Rosie’s Family Restaurant. The remodeling done to the building over the years has almost completely disguised its fast food roots.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dan,
Does anyone remember the conveyer belt across the dining room to deliver food to the drive-thru window? We loved going to that location just to watch (and hope a bag would get stuck).
Jackson MI