Monday, January 15, 2018

Run on the Lorain Post Office – January 1968

Former Lorain artist Stevan Dohanos designed this classic stamp,
released in January 1968
Back on January 7, 1968, the price of a stamp had finally gone up to six cents. This created a problem for many Lorainites who had a lot of old five-cent stamps.

This resulted in a run on the Post Office in Lorain for one-cent stamps, and a lot of postage-due letters. Read all about it in the article below, which ran on the front page of the Journal on January 9, 1968.

As the article notes in a sidebar, Lorain’s own Stevan Dohanos designed the new 6-cent stamp (shown at the top of this post) featuring the White House, with the Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial in the background.

After his long and successful career as a cover artist for the Saturday Evening Post, Dohanos served as chairman of the National Stamp Advisory Committee. There he was involved in the design and selection of art for postage stamps. He himself designed more than 40 United States postage stamps (some online sources list the total as 46), and oversaw the design and art production of more than 300 other stamps.

The Postal Service’s Hall of Stamps in Washington was dedicated in his honor in 1984.

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