Friday, February 15, 2013

Sheffield Lake City Hall 1957

NEW ADDITION – two new rooms have been added to the front section of the
Sheffield Lake Village municipal building by village officials, policemen, firemen 
and villagers. To the rear of the building is a new addition added to the garage used 
by the Board of Public Affairs. Many items for the building were donated.
I don't get a chance to do too much on this blog about my current town of Sheffield Lake. So – as usual – when I spot something on old newspaper microfilm of interest, I usually move it to the front of the line, post-wise.

The photo above, along with the accompanying article (below) appeared in the Lorain Journal on February 11, 1957. I thought it was interesting because it shows Sheffield Lake's original city hall, which was located where the Erie Shore Landing apartments are now. What I didn't know is that, according to the article, the city hall was formerly a little red schoolhouse.

Note also that Sheffield Lake was a village back then.

Here is the article. It's sort of a Who's Who in Sheffield Lake at that time.

Sheffield Lake Hall Getting New Addition

SHEFFIELD LAKE – Village officials and employees are busy improving the working facilities at the village municipal building by completing a two-room addition to the front of the building which was formerly one of the little red school houses in the district.

Work on the garage, used to house equipment for the Board of Public Affairs, is near completion.

Helping with the construction of the building were Mayor James C. Markley; councilmen Earl Barnhart, Elmer Meyers, Maurice Sturtevant, Carl Werner; village clerk, Mrs. Eleanor Piskura; police chief Clarence Hambly; policemen Myron Piggott, Al Fuhrman, Adam Elgart and Cleo McCreery; building inspector, William Holley; board of public affairs president, Otho Buckley; superintendents Norbert Diebold and Ernie Stump.

Others assisting were Gus Scarpelli, Tom Limpertz, Harm Little, Howard Pugh, Leo Viszculas, Carl Born and James Ferguson.

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