Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Lorain Model Home – May 1931

Here's another model home, this time in Lorain. However, this home warranted its very own section of the May 29, 1931 Lorain Times-Herald.

The house – located at 2910 Park Drive – was built by S. S. Moles, general contractor for $14,000. A the time of the above newspaper announcement, it had already been purchased by Mr. and Mrs. Michael Savulak.

The special newspaper section devoted to the "Mole's Model Charm House" promotes many companies and businesses who had a hand in either the construction of the home, or the preparation for the showing. The Wickens Co. provided all of the furnishings. The Pandy and Marcie Co. was in charge of the interior and exterior painting and decorating. The Brunk Machine and Forging Co. furnished all ornamental steel work. A General Electric full range radio was installed and provided music during the model home inspection. George Nemeth installed the plumbing fixtures. Crystal Ice provided the slag for the driveway. Stucco work was done by W. W. Duffield. Lorain Glass Co. provided all mirrors and leaded glass windows and doors. Rogers Bros. did the heating and cooling system. Smith-Bickel installed the electric washer and all building hardware. Schmitt Tile and Marble Co. did the tile work.

Interestingly, the date on the Lorain County Auditor website for the house is a little off, as it lists 1940 as the year it was built.

Here's the aerial view showing the house's location opposite Central Park (below).

And here's my photo from last weekend. As you can see, it's still a very charming house.

By the way, the house to the left of Mole's Charm House is one of the houses we drew for Frank Hicks' Art Class at Admiral King High School.

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