Friday, May 8, 2015

Another One Bites the Dust

I spent a few days this week talking about model homes – brand new homes from different decades that symbolized progress.

Today's post is different. Instead of being about homes going up, it's about one coming down.

Way back in December 2010 (here), I wrote about some properties for sale along Colorado Avenue just east of Miller Road. They were former farms with old houses on them, and I mused about their eventual demolition.

One of the handsome old farm houses – at 39308 Colorado Avenue (below) – caught my eye. The Lorain County Auditor website has it listed as constructed in 1900, which means that it was built before that.

December 2010
Three and a half years later, the house and farm were still for sale and I wrote an update (here). Here's my June 2014 shot (below).

June 2014
In late April, I noticed that the house was sadly looking worse than ever (below).
April 25, 2015
I was going to post the above photo as part of an update, but decided to wait another weekend so I could take a better photograph. So last Sunday, I went back to grab one more shot. That's when I saw the heavy equipment adjacent to the house (below).

May 3, 2015
The house came down the very next day.
Here's one last shot (below).

So it's goodbye to another old Lorain County farmhouse, and all of the history and memories contained within its walls.
Courtesy Lorain County Auditor website


Anonymous said...

Well, they got to make room for another dollar store.....

Dan Brady said...

I'm curious whether the demolition will expedite the sales process. I'm also curious as to how the property will eventually be used.

Linda Jean Limes Ellis said...

There are several properties there that are for sale; all commercial properties of course.

I note on the auditor's website, sometimes houses like these that are demonolished still can be seen on the website several years afterward. I don't what their timetable is for taking new replacement photographs.