Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Colorado Avenue Farmhouse Update

The view back in December 2010
Last week I was watching the Captain Aaron Root house come down and the land clearing begin, in preparation for the new Dollar General at the intersection of Abbe and Colorado Ave. Well, just a little to the east near the intersection of Colorado and Miller Road, there apparently hasn't been any major developments with regards to the two farmhouses and the farmland behind them.

I first wrote about them back here in December of 2010. At the time I wrote, "Soon this scene will change" as a caption for one of the photos.

Boy, was I wrong. More than three years later, the houses and farm are still for sale.

Too bad the land won't be used for growing anything when it eventually does sell. It must be pretty fertile, judging by the size of those monster shrubs!
The view this past Sunday morning
By the way, the house shown above is listed on the Auditor website as having been built in 1900, which as usual means that it actually predates that year.
The other house for sale along with the farm was built in 1954. Here's the view from back in December 2010.
And here's my matching shot from Sunday.
Okay, so the view doesn't match exactly (note the fire hydrant). But remember, I was doing this from memory – while driving – and approaching the dreaded construction zone at the I-90 interchange no less!
Special thanks to Bill for his suggestion to do an update on these two farmhouses.

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Anonymous said...

So when that gets razed a Dollar Tree will go up.....