Monday, June 30, 2014

What was playing at the Drive-ins on June 30, 1956?

Well, let's take a look – shall we?

At the Tower Drive-in on Lake Avenue– the Best Show Bargain in Town – there were three big pictures in the line-up.

Perennial Lorain favorites the Bowery Boys were starring in Jail Busters (1955). In this one, Slip (Leo Gorcey), Satch (Huntz Hall) and the rest of the Boys (in this case, that means Butch) get themselves arrested and sent to prison as part of some undercover work for a newspaper story on prison corruption. Wacky hijinks ensue when they get double-crossed, and as a result become real convicts temporarily.

Here's the trailer. Watch for Fritz Feld as a prison psychiatrist who is almost driven to the brink of madness himself by the Boys' antics.

The second feature was Esther Williams in Easy to Love (1953), filmed at Cypress Gardens. Esther Williams just passed away last year.

The third movie in the triple feature was an oater called The Silver Star (1955), which starred Edgar Buchanan (Uncle Joe from Petticoat Junction) and Lon Chaney Jr. Jimmy Wakely sang the movie's theme song.

Over at the Lorain Drive-in on Lake Road, Commanche! (1956) with Dana Andrews was just wrapping up. The film also introduced Linda Cristal.
Also on the bill that night Gentlemen Marry Brunettes (1955), starring Jane Russell and Jeanne Crain. The film was a sequel of sorts to Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (which also starred Jane Russell). Gentlemen Marry Brunettes also featured Alan Young (Wilbur on Mr. Ed)  – who, happily, is still with us.
The third feature that night was another Bowery Boys classic, Master Minds (1949). It was one of their best. In this one, Sach has the ability to predict the future, which attracts the attention of a mad scientist. The mad scientist actually succeeds in temporarily swapping Sach's brain with that of a vicious hairy monster!

The attractions for Sunday night sounded pretty good too.

First up was a Cartoon Carnival consisting of 6 color cartoons. That drawing of Donald Duck in the ad, though, is one of the worst I've ever seen, with his gargantuan duck head and tiny hands. Definitely not the work of Carl Barks!
The first feature for Sunday night was the creepy science fiction B-movie World Without End (1956) which takes place in the futuristic year of 2508. It features Rod Taylor and a race of violent (and hairy) one-eyed mutants, not to mention some space-babes.

Lastly was – what else? – another Bowery Boys hit: Dig that Uranium (1956)! 
Here's a preview clip (sorry, no trailer available for this one).
Dig that Uranium was actually quite topical, with the Bowery Boys trying to strike it rich by prospecting for uranium. (It was a very lucrative enterprise back in the 1950s; click here to find out more.)
Hey, I almost forgot – what about the Carlisle Drive-in? Well, here's its lineup for June 30, 1956: The Racers (1955), Johnny Guitar (1954), and Salome Where She Danced (1945).

Well, whaddaya know, the Bowery Boys were coming there soon! I told you they were pretty popular in Lorain.


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