Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The House on Park Drive

A few weeks ago on a Saturday morning, while taking a shortcut I passed this house on Park Drive near Central Park in Lorain. Immediately I did a double-take and thought, "That house looks familiar!" So I doubled back and grabbed this shot.
Later on when I got home, I confirmed my guess as to why it looked familiar. It was one of the houses that Frank Hicks, my art teacher at Admiral King High School, had given us the option of drawing for our sketch book assignments.
I featured a few of those sketches on this blog over the last few years, especially back here.
Anyway, here is the sketch of the house from probably around 1974.

The handsome house looks pretty much the same. Those might even be the same monster shrubs. (I had similar ones in front of my 1940s colonial on the east side. I needed a ladder to trim them!)
In the sketch, it looks like I started to draw a BLOCK PARENT sign in one of the front windows – and almost 40 years later there's still a sign in the same window. Now that's dedication to community involvement.
The Lorain County Auditors website lists the house as being built in 1940.

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