Monday, May 6, 2013

Central Bank Then & Now

Ah, I gave one bank (Lorain National) the 'then and now' treatment so here's the other one.

Here's a closeup (above) of that great Central Bank illustration from the 1937 Brookside yearbook ad. The building looks so impressive here; a real center of commerce. It looks like it belongs on Wall Street instead of central Lorain.

And here's the 'now' view, shot fresh this weekend.

Only the columns remain of the former Central Bank – a nice touch by a creative architect. (I'm fairly surprised, though, that they haven't been knocked down by a drunk driver!)

I don't know exactly when the former bank building was razed – I've been unable to find a clipping or mention on the internet. I do know that Central Trust (as the bank was later known) was purchased by Bank One in the early 1990s.


Ken said...

Judging from the drawing, I think the original Lorainites must have been about 8 inches tall back then. And their horses too.

Anonymous said...

Summit Academy was housed in there until elementary was moved onto the Southside in the old Catholic school, and the secondary education is now on the East side at what was once Fairhome.