Wednesday, October 22, 2014

October Opening Ads: DeLuca Bakery (1959) and The Sands (1964)

Here's a pair of vintage Opening ads that ran in the October pages of the Lorain Journal.

First up is an ad from October 24th, 1959 for the opening of the new DeLuca Bakery location at 8th and Reid in Lorain.

I've written about DeLuca Bakery before, including a 3-part series back here. I sure wish the family would reopen an outlet somewhere; their bakery is as iconic as Yala's Pizza in Lorain.
And next is the Grand Opening ad for The Sands on Colorado Avenue, which ran in the paper on October 5, 1964. It's such a great name for a nightclub, invoking the coolness of its namesake Las Vegas hotel/casino.
I also did a few posts on The Sands, including a 1967 ad (here) and the eventual demolition of the building when it was home to Margie's Magpie Inn (here).

Looking at the ad, I wonder what the 'surprises for the men' were?


-Alan D Hopewell said...

I'll take a dozen DeLuca's donuts and a $3 steak dinner any day!

Rick Kurish said...

While working at Lorain Products in the early 1970s a group of us would go out for lunch on Fridays, and the Sands was a frequent lunch stop. They had a Friday fish fry, and it was all the perch you could eat for 99 cents. It was usually pretty crowded, and the food was good.

I remember that in a back corner of the restaurant section there was an area that was set aside for the Sertoma Club. There was some club insignia on the wall, and a sign that said Sertoma Club meets here. I had never heard of Sertoma at the time, but found out later that Sertoma is short for "service to mankind". I wonder if that club still exists?