Monday, October 27, 2014

Lawson's Halloween Ad – October 27, 1959

Here's a cute, timeless ad for Lawson's that ran in the Lorain Journal on October 27, 1959 – just a few days before Halloween – 55 years ago today.

As noted back here, the first Lawson's in Lorain opened in June of 1959.

I love the simplicity of the above ad. Back then, stores designed their ads to feature just a few items to get you to visit. You can tell at a glance what's going on. The small ads in today's newspapers are so cluttered and over designed, with tiny type reversed out of black (can you tell I'm a graphic designer?) that they don't have half the selling power of the Lawson's ad.

That kid in the bunny suit looks kinda like Ralphie from A Christmas Story – except he isn't wearing spectacles.

Then as now, Brach's candy is still the dominant brand of classic candy corn. (I've already munched my way through 1/2 a bag!)

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