Monday, October 20, 2014

Fall Foliage 2014

Fall is my favorite season, and it's a tradition here on the Brady Blog to post some of my photos of local autumn color. (It's also a public service for transplanted Lorain Countians pining for a look at what's going on at home.) I usually grab my Canon Powershot and head out on Sunday afternoon to some of the rural townships in western Lorain County: Brownhelm, Vermilion and Henrietta.

Last weekend, the trees hadn't completely changed, and I only got a few shots. Here's Mill Hollow from the weekend of October 12th (below). I posted this one on Facebook and it received a nice reception.

Yesterday (a week later), it was a completely different view. We'd had quite a few windy nights and rain lately, and many of the trees were stripped of their leaves (below).

The rest of the shots below are all from Sunday, October 19th.
Here's a view (below) of Claus Road looking north from Cooper Foster Park Road (the spouse took this one for me out of her window).
Closer to Lorain, the Root House is still a favorite photo subject of mine. This was another one of my patented over-the-shoulder shots (below), where I'm glad to get anything at all.
I also spent a little time in Sheffield Village on Sunday. This is a shot of Old Colorado Avenue (below). Several dogleg remnants of the old road still exist in a few spots. This view is looking west.
Lastly, I headed out to – where else? – Gore Orphanage Road, another favorite spot. It was, not surprisingly, quite busy out there since Halloween is coming. There were people on the bridge and a bunch of cars parked at the old Swift Mansion ruins site.
I still think Gore Orphanage Road is one of the most beautiful drives in the fall (below).


-Alan D Hopewell said...

Thanks for the wonderful views from home, Dan!

Dan Brady said...

Hi Alan! Glad you like'em!

Anonymous said...

Can you still drive down to swift mansion I read the road is all washed out and destroyed and closed off

Dan Brady said...

You should still be able to get there if you approach the ruins from the north on Gore Orphanage Road. But the road south of the ruins has been closed for a long time.