Monday, October 13, 2014

Cleveland Browns Brownie Mascot Through the Years

I'm sure everyone will be talking about the Cleveland Browns today at work since they beat the Steelers on Sunday, so here's a little look back at their classic Brownie mascot through the years. Many of the images are from Ebay. I had my pal Gene at work – who is a sports authority and collector of sports memorabilia – help me establish a rough time frame for some of them.

There's few that are downright unusual – and a couple that are hilarious.


Although I'm not a big football fan, I've always rooted for the Browns – and liked their Brownie mascot too. I was disappointed that Browns owner Art Modell didn't like him and did away with him for so many years. But the team's new ownership brought the little elf back and he's more popular than ever.

For a terrific article about the history of the Cleveland Browns Brownie mascot, click here.


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