Monday, April 1, 2013

Dairy Queen Time – 1956

Well here's a sign of spring: an ad for the former Lorain Dairy Queen on E. Erie during its heyday, announcing that it was reopening for the season. The ad ran in the Lorain Journal on March 30, 1956.

Giving away 500 free cones was a great promotional gimmick. I wonder how long it took to give them all away?

I used to like the fact that the Dairy Queen on E. Erie closed for the season. Back in the mid-1980s, the store used to have a big sale of its prepackaged goodies (those made on the premises) on the day it was closing. We would pick up a couple of bags of Fudge Nut Bars.

Now the Fudge Nut Bar (the spouse's favorite back then) isn't even on the menu anymore. The treat I used to get – the Mr. Misty® (as well as the Mr. Misty Float) – isn't either.

Anyway, it's sad to drive by the shuttered store today and see Terry's Dairy – the former DQ – for sale.

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