Thursday, April 11, 2013

Jay's Food Center

Here's an ad from the April 28, 1955 edition of the Lorain Journal – 58 years ago this month. It highlights the continued grand opening festivities surrounding Jay's Food Center, owned by Frank "Jay" Jursinski. The store was located in the now long-gone shopping strip on the west side of Oberlin Avenue between Meister Road and W. 33rd Street that had Whalens Drugs at the northern end.

If the photo of the store looks familiar, that's because it was later the home of Willow Hardware.

On December 16, 1961, it was announced in the Chronicle-Telegram that "increased business has caused Jay's Sparkle Market to construct a new and larger supermarket south from its present Oberlin Ave. location. Construction has started on the new supermarket building at 38th and Oberlin Ave. on a three-acre site." It added that "the new building, with parking spaces for 200 cars, will be next to the First Federal Savings and Loan Association."

The article also mentioned that Jursinski was a World War II veteran who founded his business at 14th and Long Ave. in 1946. He eventually sold that location and leased his store space in the shopping strip before deciding to construct the new building.

In May 1964 the new building became the third outlet in the Meyer Goldberg Super Market chain.


-Alan D Hopewell said...

I always thought Willow Hardware looked a lot like a supermarket!

Anonymous said...

I like the fact that local contractors and suppliers were used to build the store and that they were mentioned in the ad.

Dave Beko