Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sam Klein Company: the Rest of the Story

A graphic Jan. 22, 1942 newspaper ad
Here's a few more ads and information about The Sam Klein Co. and its successor stores that I found since my post (back here). After reading some of the great reader comments, which filled in the gaps in the store's later history, I realized I'd better go back and do some more research about that era of this well-known Lorain icon.

I was surprised to find out that Sam Klein had a store out at Midway Mall in 1966, the same year the mall opened.

Here's a 1968 ad for Sam Klein (below). If you're a fan of Mad Men like the spouse and me, the show is up to 1968 right now. Based on this ad, I guess it's appropriate that Don Draper is still wearing his fedora.
Feb. 1, 1968 Journal ad

Both the Downtown Lorain store and the Midway Mall store continued to appear in the Lorain phone book until the 1975 edition, when only the Midway Mall store was listed.

On October 21, 1983 the small article (below) appeared in the Chronicle-Telegram. It announced that the Sam Klein Co. store was going to close its Midway Mall store in January 1984 in preparation for its move to a new location nearby.

Oct. 21, 1983 C-T article

The new location turned out to be to the Midway Square shopping center.

Here's a January 1, 1985 Journal ad from that era (below).

Eventually the store became known as Warren Klein's Store for Men.

In May 1994, Warren Klein announced his retirement. In large newspaper ads he stated, "After 43 years in the business personally, I have reached retirement age. I am going out of business and closing the store, which has been in my family for 103 years."

He added, "My heartfelt thanks for your many years of support."

Here's a link to the obituary of Allan Klein, who along with his brother Warren Klein owned Sam Klein Company and its successor, Klein's Store for Men.

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