Friday, October 12, 2018

Lorain Community Hospital Postcard - Then & Now

I can't remember where I got this undated, vintage postcard (above) showing an aerial view of the former Lorain Community Hospital. Nevertheless, it's still fun to compare it with a more recent view of the facility, now known as Mercy Health Lorain Hospital.

A quick look at the Google Maps aerial below reveals a quite different, sprawling campus, thanks to a series of additions. Several parking areas have been enlarged as well.

Here's an architectural rendering of the hospital circa 1970, courtesy of the Alamy stock photo website.
There are some oddities if you compare all three images. Perhaps some of the buildings in the architectural rendering were merely proposed, as they are not visible (at least to my eye) in the current aerial.


Dennis Thompson said...

It's interesting that the two round buildings which dominated the design are now hidden by other buildings. I didn't even know they were there. In the Google view, what are the two "McMansions" being built at the top of the photo?

Anonymous said...

I believe those are condos being built along the golf course. They were actually completed many years ago.

Wireless.Phil said...

Not a "real" hospital, just a relocation point to Cleveland!

Last 2 times I was there, they scanned my head $$$$!
I fell on my butt!
Money hungary idiots!