Friday, May 15, 2015

The Ernst's Frozen Custards Ad – May 1948

Do you prefer real ice cream or frozen custard? For many years, anyone looking for an ice cold dairy treat on a hot day had to make that choice. (Actually, real frozen custard made with eggs is fairly hard to find these days.)

But back when the above ad ran in the Lorain Journal on May 27, 1948, it appears that frozen custard was the trendy choice. The ad was announcing the grand opening of Millie and Bob Ernst's Frozen Custards stand at Kiddieland.

What, you've never heard of Kiddieland? Neither had I. But it was located at the southeast corner of Colorado Avenue and Henderson Drive.

Kiddieland first appeared in the Lorain phone book in the 1947 edition. (In the back of the book it was listed under "Amusements.") It was also in the 1948 edition, as Kiddieland Park, but disappeared by the time of the 1949 book.

The ad also notes that the Mills Master Freezer used to manufacture the frozen custards was installed by the Chestnuts. R. L. and Charlotte Chestnut had a refrigeration sales and service company at 928 Broadway in Lorain.

Anyway, the ad is fairly amusing. Much like the 1952 ad for Sheffield Lake's Dutch Treat that I posted back here, this ad includes both a photo of a creepy little girl (actually, just her disembodied head with a puckered expression) and clip art of a little boy. Strangely enough, the Beaver Cleaver lookalike is shown eating a cone with real ice cream.


Anonymous said...

You sure find some disturbing looking ads.

-Alan D Hopewell said...

I can remember stopping for frozen custard on the way back from Cleveland....a distinctive aroma, a wonderful taste, long gone.