Friday, October 17, 2014

Benny's Ad – October 16, 1964

I've written several times about Benny Hart's nightclub, as well as some of the acts that appeared there. It's fun to try and find out if the performers ever hit the big time after their Lorain appearances.

The ad above – which appeared in the Lorain Journal on October 16, 1964 – 50 years ago yesterday – shines the spotlight on Billy Webb. He's identified as a well-traveled comedian, emcee and impressionist who performed all over the country, including gigs at the Morrison Hotel in Chicago, the Holiday House in Pittsburg, Fontainebleu in Miami Beach and Ben Maksik's Town & Country in Brooklyn.

Also on the bill were The Stags, fresh from a Las Vegas engagement.

I did a little online research trying to find out about Mr. Webb. He's identified as a Pittsburgh comedian and impressionist in the April 15, 1965 Evening Standard in Uniontown, Pennsylvania. The article notes, "He has appeared in many popular supper clubs throughout the United States and Canada where his version of "Laugh Clown Laugh" has been termed a "classic." He seemed to be particularly active in the Uniontown area as a master of ceremonies for a lot of events.

Here's hoping that Mr. Webb enjoyed a fine career, and that he or a family member finds this post and posts an update.


Anonymous said...

Hi, just stumbled upon this now. Don't know why Billy Webb came to mind, but I knew him as a kid up until my late teens I'd guess. My father knew him better. He used to MC policemen balls in the Cleveland area. I've grown around entertainment all my life, especially those of the old school and I always found Billy a pro's pro. I don't recall him doing impressions though, definitely did jokes. He was just very smooth as an MC, no stumbles whatsoever. I don't know if there is somebody that reminds me of him, maybe Carson doing a monologue. Anyway, he passed away quite some time ago, I guessing early 90s.

Anonymous said...

Just to add, spent some time perusing this blog, very impressive. Didn't grow up in Lorain County, so can't relate personally, but appreciate the work you're doing. I dabble a little into this as well. If you have ever visited Vegas or have interest in it, give me a look at

Dan Brady said...

Thanks for posting your comments about Billy Webb – I appreciate it. And also thanks for the link to your great Vegas twitter feed, it looks like a lot of fun with some wonderful vintage aerials and photos!