Friday, December 21, 2018

The Passing Scene – December 1968

Well,  December is winding down, and Christmas – as well as my usual holiday break – is looming, so I’d better post these December 1968 editions of Gene Patrick’s “The Passing Scene.”

First up is the strip for December 7, 1968.
Note that it makes passing reference to the fact that Lorain’s YMCA and YWCA almost merged. I like the gag about the stone foot, although I don’t remember seeing the original article.
Next is the December 14, 1968 edition (below), which reminds us once again that Lorain’s City Hall was supposed to be located in the new civic center. 
Unfortunately it did not happen – and it doesn’t appear that the city hall will be moving (and thus making a prime piece of real estate available) any time soon.
The December 21, 1968 strip (below) continues with the civic center theme. There sure were high hopes for it back then.
I like that Gene Patrick reserved the last panel of each December strip for some sort of seasonal gag or theme.
Lastly, the December 28, 1968 strip provides a nice look back at 1968. Many if not most of these comic panels have been posted here on the blog.
I like Gene’s caricature of himself!
I will try to keep posting vintage “The Passing Scene” strips in 2019, although the first batch of January 1969 strips comes from library microfilm that is unusually poor in quality, making some of them almost unreadable. We’ll see.


Anonymous said...


I really enjoy your blog. Thank you for your wonderful contribution to preserving Lorain's history.

Merry Christmas!

Chuck - Jackson MI

Dan Brady said...

Thanks, Chuck! Merry Christmas to you, too!